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The BUMGA Group of Companies is one of the leading importers & traders of building materials, structural steel, deformed bars & general hardware items, in the United Arab Emirates.

The BUMGA family comprises of Builders Merchants, Bumga enterprises & Bumga fzco.

Builders Merchants specializes in high quality building materials, structural steel, timber, timber related products & deformed bars. Builders Merchants is the first building material trading company in Dubai, to receive the prestigious ISO 9001:2000 certification.

Bumga Enterprises is a service provider that deals in a wide range of general hardware items & light engineering equipment. The USP of Bumga Enterprises is its willingness & ability to deliver any product to its specified destination.

Bumga FZCO is the latest addition to the BUMGA family. It is strategically located in the world renowned business hub, Jebel Ali Free Zone, and it is expected to make rapid strides, to take its place among the other jewels in the BUMGA crown.

We have come a long way since 1968, the year we set shop in Dubai and helped start a business revolution. We’ve done a lot of growing in that time to stay on the leading edge of Dubai’s corporate world. The rapid development of infrastructure & industry has been central to the success of the BUMGA group. The main reasons for our sustained growth are our ability to successfully adapt to new eras & business trends and also our relentless orientation towards customer satisfaction. Even today, in the new technosavvy millennium, we are working hard to continuously improve the high quality service, that is our hallmark.

The BUMGA GROUP believes in upholding the values associated with Corporate Social Responsibility. We understand the importance of the constant elevation of societal standards and our commitment to society is demonstrated by our continuous support to charitable causes, locally and abroad.

We are a group that is ready to meet the demands of the new century. It is our firm belief that our underlying ideals, that of Trust, Reliability and Commitment, will help us in our journey towards excellence in customer service. But, we will always have a fundamental legacy to define us, a legacy that ties us to our past and supports us as we approach the future.



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